We are a group of Survivors left after the Outbreak working together to restore order to are nation, Eliminating the hordes of the Living Dead and searching for any remaining survivors to help give them a carefree life in this new world of Death and Chaos
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 OK Who keeps starting safehouses in section 1?

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PostSubject: OK Who keeps starting safehouses in section 1?   Wed Oct 31, 2012 10:21 am

'Legendary Hunters' (27,12)

OK Who keeps starting safehouses in section 1?

I have asked you to follow the rules of the clan & in BIG LETTERS before you even get to rule # 1 states NO more SAFE HOUSES in Area 1 if ONE is BUILT it WILL BE DELETED, Work on the ones we have. Feel FREE to BUILD in AREA 2 or 3. I have now had to demolish The House of Dudeism twice because it was no more than 4 blocks from 2-3 other safehouses & I am considering doing the same with this 1 because it to looks like it was setup & then immediately abandonded (actually I will give whomever started this 1 a chance to show that they can finish what they start by clearing out all the rooms so construction can begin as well as building the generator room & the entrance both to full strength plus the living space & the armory storage to at least level 2. You can try to enlist anyone willing to help you but if the barricade gets to 0hp it will be demolished - this is a one time only offer for this safehouse only! DO NOT START 1 OF YOUR OWN THINKING I WILL EXTENT YOU THE SAME OFFER, I WILL NOT). Please people we have more than enough safehouses under way in section 1 ( over 1/2 of them are here ). We can use the help @ any of the other houses & until we get those to full strength any new construction will not be tolerated likewise if you are found to be doing so you will be removed from the clan. I hate to be in the position of having to even bring this up so please don't push me on this. Consider this your only warning because if I am then you'd best trust me when I say that my response will be swift & with NO remorse! - DJ_Jon_Doe

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PostSubject: Re: OK Who keeps starting safehouses in section 1?   Wed Oct 31, 2012 7:55 pm

At the moment I'm upgrading Safehouse 'S.O.D. Armory' (39,24) .
During my exploration in Area #1, I'll try to help any S.O.D Safehouse.

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OK Who keeps starting safehouses in section 1?
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