We are a group of Survivors left after the Outbreak working together to restore order to are nation, Eliminating the hordes of the Living Dead and searching for any remaining survivors to help give them a carefree life in this new world of Death and Chaos
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 looking for a few good men & women to volunteer!!!

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looking for a few good men & women to volunteer!!!  Empty
PostSubject: looking for a few good men & women to volunteer!!!    looking for a few good men & women to volunteer!!!  EmptyTue Nov 06, 2012 11:03 am

I've been discussing with some of the key members of the S.O.S. team about the state of the current safe house situation. We are trying to organize a small crew of members to act as "landlords" or "overseers" in charge of a small group of safehouses in certain sections. (for instance I've broken up the houses in section 3 into 3 groups with 2 members in charge of maintaining the 2 houses closest to each other & the 3rd player will be watching over the last 3 houses).

The rest of the S.O.S. team will then scout section 2 for one or possibly two prime locations to put another house at (after taking into consideration - closeness to mission location, shops with most of the building materials needed of the construction phase, distance to other clan places of interest & closeness to the pathways most traveled between the up & down town sections of the map. Once we agree on a piece of real estate then with all of us working together should be able to bang it out in no time. Please let us be the 1's to kick off any new building activities in any section, because our S.O.S. team - even @ 1/2 strength could build out a house in no time flat. After we conclude any remaining construction in this section then it will be broken up & assigned to a couple more "Landlords" (the only difference is they'd merge with the groups in section 3 moving in a clockwise direction from the house they're @ right now to the next predesignated group on Sundays @ 6pm CST & we will repeat this process again in section 1 so that we can all work together in unison & no one will be asked to do more than anyone else which is as fair as I can make this process.

These clan members (L.F.C. - Group 1 S.O.D. 100% Safe NorthEast Rest & Recharge Barracks @ 48|108 / S.O.D. Presidential Headquarters @ 43|128 / S.O.D. Section 3 Headquarters @ 41|116, Buff!e & Zkiller71 - Group 2 S.O.D. Research Facility @ 38|147 / S.O.D. NorthEast 100% Safe Zone @ 55|143, & ax-woman - Group 3 S.O.D. POL (Petroleum, Oils, & Lubricants) Storage @ 28|135 / S.O.D Nothwestern Outpost @ 14|122) will be acting with my full authority as they help to oversee any further construction that is necessary on the houses under their command as well as preform any ancillary maintenance. So If they ask for some assistance or if you could spare some building materials or if they ask if you can afford to pick up an item then please consider it as if it were a request coming directly from me. And they know never ask you to spend more then you could afford (if they ever even need anything from you in the 1st place) - the only thing in short supply in almost every area are nail guns, boxes of nails, 2x4's & wooden panels of which you might get a request to see if you have 2 2x4's if not you may then be asked if you have enough energy to get to a location & The $$ to pick it up for them.

Now L.F.C. & ax-woman both could most definitely use a another player who'd be willing to volunteer as their right hand man or woman & the missions will be rotating in a clockwise direction on Sunday nights @ 6pm U.S. Central Standard Time (sorry if that's inconvienent for some but it will be best if we all keep on the same schedule - for easy timezone conversions goto http://localtimes.info/). This will also give those members tapped for these missions an additional chance to rest up, train the heck out of their skill levels & allow them an opportunity to explore & get to know those sections like the backs of their hands. so if you would like to throw your name in the hat as a possible volunteer please send me a message in a text in the game itself (I'll see it a lot quicker there & it wont have near the chance to fall thru the cracks that way).

Also looking for members to fill out a rotation schedule for the houses in section 2. Send me a pm in the game to let me know of your willingness to join these other elite members for the advancement of the clan

In closing I'd like to say thanks to these members for their service who are once again going over & above the callof duty to shine like beacons of hope & to inspire you other members to you own acts of courage & valor - ax-woman, Buff!e,Zkiller71 & L.F.C., to Buff!e for a 2nd time for the great suggestion, to Zkiller71 once again for voicing his approval of them as well (sometime it really does come down to a single person willing to speak up to get a change made - this is 1 of those times) & to remind everyone that our goal here is to get all of our facilities up & running in tip top condition, so please lend a hand where you can / when you can & we'll be that much closer to completing this task. =^)

- DJ_Jon_Doe
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looking for a few good men & women to volunteer!!!
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