We are a group of Survivors left after the Outbreak working together to restore order to are nation, Eliminating the hordes of the Living Dead and searching for any remaining survivors to help give them a carefree life in this new world of Death and Chaos
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 General Tips

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PostSubject: General Tips   General Tips EmptyFri Sep 14, 2012 6:46 am

Thought I should start a thread that had some general tips on for those who have just started and joined SOD.

First tip for the list - Train, train, train.

Make sure you train as much and as often as possible. Training continues while you're doing pretty much anything except when you're assisting with rooms in safehouses.

With training, the shorter the amount of time you train, the more points you gain, so if you're going to be on for an hour or so, train for the lowest amount of time (5 minutes) repeatedly so you can maximise the benefit. Before signing off, start training for the maximum amount of time that you can so you can continue building your levels while away.

Also look for some of the locations that will increase your max level of training on each of the disciplines.

i.e. at the College Campus Gym (37,21) you can increase your max strength and close combat skills to 74.
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PostSubject: Re: General Tips   General Tips EmptySat Sep 15, 2012 4:20 pm

You can upgrade your skill caps way more than any of the training facilities by going to our HQ at 36,27. We almost don't even need to go past the levels we currently have, as few people should bother training skills past around 180. The number of training points required is not really worth it.

I've been saving all my skill points from leveling and just training my skills. Once I get to around 150, I'll use the skill points to train up to 200 and start training other skills instead. Gets you the most "bang" for your buck.
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General Tips
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