We are a group of Survivors left after the Outbreak working together to restore order to are nation, Eliminating the hordes of the Living Dead and searching for any remaining survivors to help give them a carefree life in this new world of Death and Chaos
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PostSubject: HEAVENLY BODIES STRIP   Fri Sep 14, 2012 7:51 pm

Heavenly bodies strips - 36,127

You can buy chocolate bars and whiskey at this place which are great crafting materials
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PostSubject: heres a couple theres more put it didnt write them down yet   Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:13 pm

x23-y29 = Hunting Gallery x29-y26 = Hardware Store x33-y33 = Master of Sports
x20-y47 = Stadium Shop x41-y28 = Hard Baller Gun Store x44-y25 = The Riflery
x42-y67 = Bruno's Weapon Specialist Shop x49-y79 = Andrew's Gunstore x41-y20 = Old Warehouse
x31-y41 = Pixel Pandemic x32-y44 = Pawn Shop x27-y41 = Blades of Steel
x18-y35 = Gangster's Hangout x22-y32 = Olga's Antique's x37-y139 = Elwood's Gunstore
x53-y86 = Rudy's Rifle-rama x67-y69 = Nigel's Junkyard x32-y82 = Autumn Leaves Outpost
x6-y84 = Dry Docks x56-y47 = Germaine's Gun store x21-y40 = Religious Cult HQ
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