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 hey guys just alittle info about storage

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hey guys just alittle info about storage Empty
PostSubject: hey guys just alittle info about storage   hey guys just alittle info about storage EmptySun Sep 23, 2012 3:34 pm

When u upgrade rooms dont do food storage,storage area n armory at the same time you can always do 2 of them but leave one open cuz no mateer which one u go in u can retrieve ur things from every section that way if u put something in a safe house u can still get it out and if any thing make all the hq to the max so thats 3 area that will always give you max cuz i believe the higher the area the biggger it will go up and always max out all the storage areas so it can hold more gear cuz it goes by pounds and i think 500 pounds is the max
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hey guys just alittle info about storage
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