We are a group of Survivors left after the Outbreak working together to restore order to are nation, Eliminating the hordes of the Living Dead and searching for any remaining survivors to help give them a carefree life in this new world of Death and Chaos
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 Welcome to the Clan - Introduction letter & game strategies

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Welcome to the Clan - Introduction letter & game strategies  Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to the Clan - Introduction letter & game strategies    Welcome to the Clan - Introduction letter & game strategies  EmptyThu Nov 15, 2012 1:54 pm

Thanks for joining up & Please respect the rules of the clan.

Any questions about the game or whatever feel free to hit me up, I'm usually online every couple of hours thur-sun. & every 12 hours mon-wed.

Just a couple of other things to inform you about - 1st is that i'll be upgrading you to builder status so please help with the safehouses we already have underway & Please -


We're way to over saturated in section 1 with over 1/2 the total houses being located here (& we could have used some of those efforts more strategically in section 2 & 3)so as for now if any of our current ones start to fall into disrepair or if any new 1's are started in section 1, I'll hopefully get the ability to demolish them back so I can eliminate them as necessary (this latest update took that ability from the clan leaders & gave it to whoever starts a new house & this is gonna be a huge mistake because as soon as the zombies can attack the barricades - coming in the next update) all the 1's that were started & abandonded will fall into ruin & become overrun by the zombies turning our once safe havens into unsuspecting traps for those clan members who may be heading to 1,in the future, with just enought (sp) to get there & thinking they'll be able to rest up but instead getting basically gangraped by the hordes of zombies that will be waiting in there for you. So if you can help add to the barricade @ any safe house you come across it will help to get them back to full strength in no time - keeping the zombies at bay. If you can put in a little more work than that (after the the barricade up to full strength) Then we'll wanna concentrate our efforts on getting the following rooms leveled out 100% - Generator Room (L5), Entryway (L3), the 4 Storage Rooms (Construction (L1), Food (L5), Armory (L5) & Storage Room(L5)), Veggie Garden (L1), Water Purifier (L3), Living Quarters (L5), Sick Bay (L1) & the Lookout Room (L1). The rest of the training rooms do not need construction done on them at this time & all training can be done at the 100 % complete safe house (that we now have @ least 1 of in each section & more to come...verily soonly.) you can find the materials needed for the construction of the rooms by looting or traveling to some of the stores that are close-by & a list of everything needed for each level of construction will be listed at the bottom of this message. Anything you can do to help with the safehouses will be appreciated.

You'll also be up'd to recruiter status. So as you go exploring the map & come across the stores along the way look to see if there's anyone else there with you. If there are others see if they have any other clan alliance by clicking on their names. if not then send them an invite.

Finding safe houses is done by clicking the map tab at the top of the game board then look for the purple houses, those are our safehouses. Another way is to click the menu tab next to the shop tab in the top center of the gameboard, then click clan. that will pull up a 2nd screen with several other tabs the 4th saying safehouses/ click it & you'll get a list of where they are at (each section is 50 blocks so section1 is up to 5,50 over to 65,50) (Section 2 is up to 100, ect. ect.)

Next is how/where you can improve your skills to the max levels (All skills have a max cap of 200). If you can make it to the 'S.O.D Headquarters' @ (36,27) you'll see it's 100% completely built out & you can go into each of the training rooms by clicking on the view tabs then click learn you will then have to ability to train yourself all the way up to 200 skill points each (with the exception of the Constitution skill. It's the only 1 you cant train so i would suggest taking the points you get for each level up & apply them to this skill set because it will also increase your Hit Points or HP points the higher you're able to get yourself.)

In order to increase your skill levels you need to accumulate training points & you do that by training. The training time reflects how you spend the idle time of your journey around the city. If you have selected a training activity that does not prevent you from doing other things like scavenging, fighting zombies etc., so you dont have to cancel your chosen training activity in order to play the game. However You cannot train while resting, constructing/repairing facilities or working for money. So make sure there is always a training activity running to get the most out of your time.

And just keep in mind all we want you to do for now is to only do what you can when you can @ the various clan safe houses. For now go have fun exploring the map as you try to locate valuable items and weapons (you can do this by searching vehicles and dead bodies in the places you travel to.) You'll soon locate several stores that sell weapons and equipment, places you can train, & missions you can accept. you'll also start finding the points of interest in the city. They will show as green markers when you discover them. You get XP rewards for discovering them and most of them provide safe places.

Watch your stamina points (SP). You only get 480 SP per day. Plan your route so you end up in a safe place and preferable one where you can train or earn money while offline.

Also keep an eye on your stats. If you are low on hitpoints, find something to eat to heal yourself or treat your wounds. Wounds also heal over time but very slowly. If you are low on SP, find a safe place to rest. You will also notice if you click your icon you'll see yourself on the left side of the screen under that is your main & back up weapons & 4 "quick use" slots under that. You can store things like bandages to restore your hp points in mid battle (at the cost of a turn to attack) or food items (worry about that after level 10 though) & other throwing type weapons like ninja stars, throwing axes, spears, bricks, rocks, ect.

Remember to pick your fights carefully. Don't engage large hordes of zombies @ 1st. Attempting such a task at low-levels is suicide. Find single targets for easy kills. You don't want to be eaten by zombies and be forced to spend 50 SP to revive. you will also want to purchase &/or craft a couple of explosive devices because if you are "jumped" by a large group those will usually kill a few hurt a bunch more & give you time to run like hell & get away.

When you can, do some scavenge runs. During your first levels, a few scavenging runs looting items then returning to sell them to the base is a good way to make money to save up for some equipment like a good melee weapon because they don't cost ammo, enabling you to save up faster. Good to great melee weapons like an axe or sword are available in the Blades of Steel shop @ (27,51) and get yourself a good bag from the start. A good bag increases the limit of how much you can carry & the best is available @ the Mercy Hospital @ (47,42)

Your accuracy in ranged combat depends on a combination of range, skill and weapon type. Use shotguns and pistols for close range. Use rifles for long range and invest some skill points in marksmanship. If you can afford a gun with a burst allowance it will get you so much further down the road when you set off to wipe out larger groups of the zombies, psychos & raiders because they'll allow you to shoot 3+ times (depending on the allowance) without incurring a shot penalty (taken out in sp points).

When looting watch your Encumbrance (ENC). You can only carry a certain weight & when you go past that (by a max of 10 additional pounds) you can only move 1 square on the map at a time & it takes a lot more (SP) points to get anywhere.


These are the rooms we want to focus on & what they need to build out for each level (CP = Construction points)

Generator Room

2 Lead Pipes, 2 Wrench, 1 Spark Plug, 3 Bricks, 25 CP
2 Iron Pipes, 2 Hammers, 2 Gasoline Cans, 4 2x4 Lumber, 50 CP
2 Lead Pipes, 2 Spark Plugs, 2 Wrench, 2 Steel Pipes, 75 CP
2 Iron Pipes, 2 Fire Extinguisher, 3 Gasoline Can, 2 Steel Pipe, 100 CP
4 Iron Pipes, 4 Steel Pipes, 4 Spark Plugs, 4 Wrench, 125 CP


4 Wood Panel, 2 2x4 Lumber, 2 Chain, 1 Hammer, 25 CP
6 Wood Panel, 3 2x4 Lumber, 2 Lock, 2 Wrench, 50 CP
10 Wood Panel, 5 2x4 Lumber, 5 Chain, 1 Nailgun, 75 CP

Constr. Storage

10 Wood Panel, 10 2x4 Lumber, 15 Bricks, 1 Nailgun, 30 CP

Vegetable Garden

1 Shovel, 10 Sticks, 2 Pitchforks, 10 Plants, 50 CP

Water Purification

10 Empty Water Bottles, 10 Bricks, 5 2x4 Lumber, 1 Box of Nails, 50 CP
10 Empty Water Bottle, 5 Sand, 1 Empty Sack, 1 Water Can, 70 CP
10 Empty Water Bottles, 2 Water Can, 5 Sand, 1 Camping Gas Cooker, 90 CP


10 Medical Aid Kit, 5 Scissors, 10 Blood Packs, 5 Bandages, 50 CP

Living Quarters

1 Blankets, 5 2x4 Lumber, 10 Bricks, 2 Wood Panel, 25 CP
3 Blankets, 5 Wood Panel, 1 Box of Nails, 1 Chair, 50 CP
2 Paint Can, 2 Hammers, 1 Potted Plant, 2 Wood Chisel, 75 CP
4 2x4 Lumber, 2 Chair, 10 Newspaper, 2 Bucket, 100 CP
1 Power Drill, 5 Blankets, 3 Potted Plants, 3 Paintings, 125 CP

Storage Room + Food Storage + Armory

5 Bricks, 4 2x4 Lumber, 1 Hammer, 2 Lock, 40 CP
5 Sheet Metal, 3 Chain, 1 Arc Welder, 1 Mallet, 50 CP
5 Sheet Metal, 4 2x4 Lumber, 1 Wrench, 2 Lock, 60 CP
5 Bricks, 1 Hammer, 2 Mallet, 2 Steel Pipe, 70 CP
10 Sheet Metal, 5 Chains, 2 Arc Welders, 5 Locks, 80 CP

here's a list of all the items that will add to the construction points or to the safehouse barricades (in descending order) - phone [+1], traffic cone [+1], handbag [+1], potted plants [+1], broken bottle [+1], baseball bat [+2], rocks [+2], potted cactus [+2], mannequin leg [+2], painting [+2], dumbbell [+2], car battery [+2], blankets [+2], broken Winchester [+2], skeleton [+2], burnt junk [+3], broken table leg [+3], bowling pin [+3], bowling ball [+3], pipes [+3], large baseball bat [+3], fire extinguisher [+4], chain [+5], bricks [+5], cash register [+6], chairs [+6], trash can [+8], sand [+10], sheet metal [+10], wooden panels [+10], 2x4's [+10], junk [+20] & box of nails [+25]

Thanks & once again welcome aboard

- DJ_Jon_Doe
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Welcome to the Clan - Introduction letter & game strategies
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