We are a group of Survivors left after the Outbreak working together to restore order to are nation, Eliminating the hordes of the Living Dead and searching for any remaining survivors to help give them a carefree life in this new world of Death and Chaos
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 Introduction for Aclay

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PostSubject: Introduction for Aclay   Tue Sep 25, 2012 2:15 am

Hey all.

My name is Andy and I live in Kalamazoo, Michigan. (Yes, Kalamazoo is a real place.) I love zombie culture. I've played Humans vs. Zombies, a very fun game played with nerf guns. I run an pen and paper RPG in the area for those interested called Outbreak: Undead. I would highly recommend this game for those of you who want to find out if you could survive Z-day.

I'm a journalist by trade and do freelance writing. I also work for the local news station. I might not be on all the time, but if you need anything I am available. Just send me a message in game and I will get back with you the next time I'm on.

I look forward to killing some zeds with you and I'll see you in a safe house!
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PostSubject: Welcome to the forum   Tue Sep 25, 2012 5:16 am

Hey Andy, Let me be the 1st forum member to welcome you to said forum & say thanks for already contributing to some of the other areas of the forum. This is going to be 1 of our strongest tools in surviving the Apocalypse, but only if we can get all the clan members to use it so the info can be shared & knowledge gained. The answer to your next probable question of "Do the other clan members know about & have been notified that it use for getting their questions answered, provide help to others if/when they're able to & To let other clan members know of anything out of the ordinary has been found by them & if so what it was & where they picked it up from, ect." is yes & i know they have been contacted (all of them) because I was asked to do the notifying by our clan leader because he simply didn't then nor do he even now, more than likely, have the time necessary to complete a task of that magnitude because of everything he takes care of to help keep this clan moving froward (& not just surviving by continuing to thrive.) I undertook the task & it took me about 3 daze of solid werk sending out the same clan leader approved letter to each & every clan member (a task that you have to do 1 email to 1 clan member @ a time). anyways ... before I start to ramble on & on, i'll just leave ya with a "holla @'cha later & if you need help with anything hit me up with a pm here in the game & i'll do what I can)
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PostSubject: Re: Introduction for Aclay   Tue Sep 25, 2012 8:06 pm

Quote :
I'm a journalist by trade and do freelance writing.

Hey I like to Write horror and fantasy on my free time also but I just started doing it a while ago since I've been trying to get disability for my back and my bipolar so I'm always playing and I would like to check that pen RPG thing out if you wouldn't mind. If you would like you could try to work on something if you would like
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PostSubject: Re: Introduction for Aclay   

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Introduction for Aclay
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