We are a group of Survivors left after the Outbreak working together to restore order to are nation, Eliminating the hordes of the Living Dead and searching for any remaining survivors to help give them a carefree life in this new world of Death and Chaos
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 OK People We have rules for a reason!!!

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OK People We have rules for a reason!!! Empty
PostSubject: OK People We have rules for a reason!!!   OK People We have rules for a reason!!! EmptyFri Oct 19, 2012 8:55 am

As I sit here trying to figure out how to save the safehouses we currently have under some level of construction or neglect I have come to realize that some of us out there aren't adhering to to clan rule on building of new safehouses. Please folks there is NO reason for us to have over 1/2 of our current safehouses in section 1 alone! Shocked Thats correct we have 17 of our 32 total safehouses in & around section 1 of the map & many are well within 10 blocks from each other. Come on people we can definitely utilize this effort, energy expenditure & materials used already it so many better locations that will help to benefit everyone @ sometime or another. So let's be a little smarter about our mission what we're trying to accomplish & what piece of real estate would be the most prime spot in the entire section before we go off starting waaay to many @ once. Instead let's have all the work on any house in section 1 be done by those who started them before they're abandoned. Additionally will all the members of the clan not yet able to venture into section 2 as of yet please put in a little work time @ any safehouse location in section 1. Generally the best time to werk on a house is near the end of your daily stamina points. If you can drag yourself into a safehouse you can damn sure put in a little work while as you recover. Everytime you do this, your efforts will not hurt or limit how fast you recover yur stamina points & you'll also be helping that particular safehouse get that much closer to being completed as well.

In section 2 there are several more houses most of them havent yet fallin into disrepair so will the players in section 2 or 3 as time permits if you could swing by any of these to help get them up to speed & if we might need an additional house (& I do mean 1 or possibly 2 new house can be started in section 2 or 3 & only because there's a large void in that area without a house anywhere close to that section of the map. I just ask that you please take a look @ http://blog.zombiepandemic.com/Wiki/tabid/71/page/Shops/Default.aspx & http://blog.zombiepandemic.com/Wiki/tabid/71/page/MissionShops/Default.aspx before just putting a new house anywhere you think will be the best spot . We have some great tools here so let's use them & make some intelligent & informed decisions.

If we start to find that several of the houses around the map are not being attended to & going all the way to 0hp allowing them to begin to be overrun by the usually large groups of zombies I will not hesitate to abandon them & should anyone have stuff stored in there it goes when the house does. I hate to have to be the bad guy (now that i've been thrown into the position of clan leader) but when I've been out trying to gather more materials to work on the house I started(& saw to completion by the way) I started to run low on SP points & started to try to make it to a clan safe house most times with only single digits worth of Stamina points to my name & 3 times out I got to the safe house only to find it @ 0ho & overrun by zombies that swarmed me & had me waiting for the entire hour it took before I was able to do anything. So in order to prevent other clan members from suffering the same fate I will be taking out safehouses that hit 0hp & are there longer than 1/2 a day or 12 hours. I will also take out houses that hit 0hp 3 or more times in 2 days (because to me that shows people who started on them & walked away from them long enough for them to get to that state of neglect are obviously of the mindset that they have better things to do rather than taking just a little time on a daily or even a bi-daily basis to help keep up with the upkeep on any given safehouse. So I'll just consider any of them that are found to be in this condition to be abandoned & will remove it from the game board once & for all.

So can we all come together to work as a well oiled machine to help the other members of the clan when/where it's needed so none of us fall by the wayside as we struggle on against the rest of the world? If not the the zombies will find out which of us is the most delicious as they feast on all of us. - DJ_Jon_Doe
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OK People We have rules for a reason!!!
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